In late November 2018 we did field work at Mirador State Park, Maranhão. We went there in order to retrieve the data collected by the camera traps that we had laid out earlier in the year. The results yielded many surprises!!!

Rainy season in the Cerrado

An ocelot shows up...

One of our cameras captured this beautiful shot of a male ocelot. This was a very interesting finding, since ocelots are exceedingly rare at the park. 

More tiger cat records

Norther tiger cats keep showing up in our cameras, suggesting they are abundant. This is excellent news, given the fact that the northern tiger cat is a globally threatened species. 

Melanistic Pampas Cats

So far in 2018 all of the Pampas cat records from the park have been melanistic individuals. It will be interesting to find out the causes of such a high incidence of melanism for this particular area. Cases of all black populations or subpopulations of other felids have been documented, but most of these come from densely forested areas.